Studio Bijoux


Rocio Vigil

Studio Bijoux Hairstylist. 14+ Years of Experience. Certified & Licensed Hairstylist. Specializes on Color Weaving, Coloring and Precise Hair Cutting. Cell: 805-559-0208

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Angelica Villafana

Studio Bijoux Hairstylist. Licensed Hairstylist. Specializes in Men Hair Cuts. Specializes on Color Weaving, Coloring and Precise Hair Cutting. Cell: 805-217-5869

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laurieLaurie Piazzese

Studio Bijoux Massage Therapist. 6+ Years of Experience. Licensed Massage Therapist. Specializes in Swdish, Deep Tissue, Pregnancy and Massages tailored to specific needs such as Sciatica, Neck, Shoulder, Lower Back and Headaches. Cell: 805-660-3162

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juliet araniJuliet Arani

Studio Bijoux Esthetician & Skin Expert. Licensed Esthetician specializing in prevention and treatment of aging or acne prone and sun damaged skin by utilizing a variety of treatments (ultrasound, Microdermabrasion, or chemical peel) Cell: 805-279-5330

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christine_millerChristine Miller

Studio Bijoux Hairstylist. Over 20 years of experience on hair cutting, coloring, highlightes and hair straightening. Cell: 805-390-8568

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Additional Massage Therapists

Eric Perry | Cell: 818-399-3290

Weena U. Octaviano | Cell: 818-442-7254

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